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Visual Stress

Visual Stress

Visual stress has a wide range of signs and symptoms and is largely misunderstood. The effects are real, often hereditary, and in fact the consequence of unique ’wiring‘ in our brain. Common symptoms are movement of letters, skipping words or lines; ‘reversals’ where the letters appear in the wrong order and ‘pattern glare’, where the print on page or screen shimmers and appears too bright. Visual stress can be a barrier to effective reading and educational development. Falling behind in reading at a young age can have lifelong consequences. Exam results which do not reflect the real ability of the individual can lead to restricted career and work prospects.

Colour overlays and tinted spectacle lenses have been shown to be effective in the management of symptoms of visual stress. At Green & Elliott Optometrists we use computerised specialist techniques to analyse the individual response to colour and rate of reading. Following an hour long consultation we are able to advise on methods to aid concentration and comprehension. 

Standard clinical tests are always carried out to rule out pathology and understand the contribution of refractive errors of the eye and visual system. The clinical tests are of great importance particularly in young adults. 

The test results allow us to determine the appropriate colour overlay required and the corresponding tint suitable for spectacle lens correction. Spectacle lens tints are light in colour and cosmetically appropriate. Our results also tell us when colour management is not likely to be helpful. 

In our experience the earlier the intervention, the greater the opportunity to ‘catch up’. It is not unusual for youngsters identified at age 8 or 9, given the appropriate educational support to be reading as well as, if not better than their peers at the age of 16. 

Precision tinted lenses and vision therapy are effective for both children and adults.

In 6 studies of normal unselected children in mainstream schools, about 20% used their chosen overlay long term. Those that used their overlays read faster with them: 5% read more than 25% faster.

Source: Wilkins, A. J. Coloured overlays and their effects on reading speed: a review. Ophthal. Physiol. Opt., 448-454 (2002).

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